Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kilauea Point Lighthouse is one of eight total lights found on Kauai( The Garden Island). Kauai has six minor navigational lights and two primary seacoast lights, Kilauea Point light and Nawiliwili Light along is gorgeous coast. The light house was constructed in 1912 and because the of terrain workers had to dig into the peninsula 11 feet in order to find solid lava rock to build upon. Thus, giving Kalauea Point light a unique feature for a lighthouse; a basement.

This is a shot of the cove on the eastern side of Kilauea Point. There is a cove not unlike this one to the west of the point where during construction in 1912 the supply ships would send there smaller boats full of supplies. There was no beach so the boats would them have to anchor to cleats that were cemented into the lava rock. A boom derrick was constructed ninety feet above the water and it would hoist the supplies from the boats and carry them to a loading platform one hundred and ten feet above the water.

These next shots are of the glorious Na Pali coast on the northwest coast of Kauai from the air. These sea cliffs begin at Ke'e Beach and continue around the north and west portion of Kauai, ending at Polihale Beach. They extend upwards of 1000 feet and made up of a series of "hanging" and traditional valleys and cliffs.


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